As I’ve delved deeper into health and nutrition, reading and watching different things, it has become abundantly clear: God created our bodies to heal themselves with the right diet. Our bodies have a built in construction crew that can fix almost anything thrown at it, if we give it the right tools. Vitamins and nutrients are those tools. 

Most diseases, cancers, daily headaches, various ailments, all can be remedied by eating raw fruits and veggies in the proper servings. High concentrations of vitamins have been known to kill cancer, with no side effects.

It makes me wonder what God thinks when we pray for healings, when He’s already given us the tools and our bodies the ability if we would just use it! Most of us, myself included, don’t care enough about our bodies to keep it running the way it was built to be run. Our bodies were created as a temple, and we seriously defile it.

Part of the problem is that most of us have been so brainwashed by big food and drug companies into thinking that those who believe in raw food diets are all wackos, so we dismiss anything that is not mainstream and widely accepted. As we look at the increase in diseases, cancer, and obesity as processed foods have become more prevalent, maybe we should start listening to the wackos. Maybe eating the foods God created isn’t such a bad idea…

Just a thought.

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